79 € /person

John Dory

Cooked in Salt/ Herb Juice


Mousse of Grouper

Onions and Wild Herb Broth


Organic Chicken

Wild Mushroom-Foie Gras/ Parsley Tart/ Mousse Celery-Hazelnut


Chocolate Araguani from Venezuela

Creamy Chocolate-Caramel/ Hazelnut Crumble/ Raspberry Sorbet


Accompanied by 2 glasses of wine: 96, 00 € /person

Spondi Restaurant | Crab
Spondi Restaurant | Mousse of Grouper


140 € /person

Foie Gras

Spices/ Chocolate/ Orange

* Alpha Estate, Omega Late Harvest, 2015



Turnip/ Acacia Honey/ Tarragon/ Passion Fruit

 * Argyros Estate, Aidani 2017


Sea Bass

Date Mussels/ Zucchini/ Calamari/ Lemon Thyme

Wine Art Estate, Idisma Drios Assyrtiko 2017



Celeriac/ Tonka Nuts/ Blackberry

* Papaioannou Estate, Nemea Palia Klimata 2010





Clementine Sorbet/ Caramelized Pecan Nut/ Rum Raisin/ Crusty Biscuit

* Hatzigeorgiou Estate, Muscat of Limnos 2015



Arabica / Lemon Thyme / Hazelnut Praline

Santo Wines, Vinsato 2011


Accompanied by 4* glasses of wines: 178, 00 € by 6 glasses of wines: 215.00 € /person
Upon request it is also possible to combine the Menu with an international wine selection

(We recommend this menu for the whole table) VAT 24%, municipal tax and waiter charge 11% are included in prices.

Spondi Restaurant | Wild Mushrooms
Spondi Restaurant | Red Mullet
Spondi Restaurant | Alpaco Chocolate from Ecuador